Treating Customers Fairly

Engage Credit recognises the importance of treating its customers fairly and is committed to doing so. We aim to deliver a high standard of customer service and to communicate with our customers clearly and fairly.


We understand that customers experiencing payment difficulties are in a sensitive position, especially where their primary residence is at risk. Engage Credit is therefore committed to ensuring that each customer is treated on an individual basis and that all appropriate options are explored in a fair and reasonable manner. Repossession is strictly a last resort for Engage Credit and we will seek to work with customers to find sensible alternatives wherever we can.


We also recognise that each of our customers face differing circumstances and our staff are therefore trained to gather information and identify the most appropriate action for each individual customer. Engage Credit does not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to mortgage administration. We aim to deliver a service that ensures you can be confident that your interests are central to the way we do business. If for any reason you feel this has not been the case, please let us know.